Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sex Is Important!!!!

I had an epiphany last night.... It was about men and women and our roles in sex. After talking to a handful of people (men and women) i've realized that our roles in sex have reversed. It used to be that men were the aggressors and wanted sex all of the time..... or so we were taught. But now women are the ones (the aggressors) who want sex. Not men (making men passive). Most men could live without sex and be just fine. But WHY? Is it because they are bored of it? or that they see it as a waste of time?
If men see sex as a waste of time, then women feel like their boyfriends, husbands, lovers ect... dont find them attractive, or dont love them.
when did good old fashioned bone rattling sex go out the window? and why?
if we as a society can indulge ourselves in food, porn, and all of the unnecessary useless things that we will never use, then why cant we indulge in physical pleasure? Its good for you. Its my belief that sex is a necessary way to maintain a healthy relationship. Its good for your soul, your spirit, and your health. Sex is trusting the one you love with your body.

so for all of you guys out there who think that sex isnt important..... maybe this will make you think twice!


necroidian said...

I am a man, and sex is important to me. Its when it is demanded over and over each day that it makes it not so great. I think the thing that made men the aggressors once, is that women were thought of as prudish. We men were brought up to believe that we had to pretty much beg for it. I think that was part of the fun of it, I suppose. Its kind of the hunter instinct in men. We had to hunt it down. Now we dont have to and the interesting diminsihes a bit. Its not that we dont desire it or think its unimportant at all. But from my personal experience, when I was living with my girl for 6 months, and neither of us were employed, I felt like I HAD to several times a day. It became something like having to do the dishes or what not. Thats a pretty harsh statement I understand, but I think that having sex is greater when its both people who want it as bad as the other. And I think to get to that point it needs to be spaced out a bit. Allow the male to seek it a bit more. I know myself, I liked to be teased and tempted into it. That made me want to go and make the moves that lead up to having sex.

This is strange to me as well, because growing up, I was pretty sure that I would have sex anytime, all the time if I could. When I grew up, I found out differently and the reasons I mentioned above are probably why. But when I found myself spending time apart from her, such as, me being at work, at a different time than she, or from some other activity. Another good one, would be both of us out for a special occasion and she dressed up real nice. Not a slutty way of dressing either. Her looking so dressed up and nice, gave me naughty thoughts, and when we got home, it was then id start to make the moves on her in hopes of it leading up to sex.

But that is all my personal experience, and may not neccessarily apply to everyone.

So please, dont hate us men because the world has changed. Understand,and if you find yourself understanding, hopefully thing can work out and be balanced once again. If that happens, SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL WOMEN!!

necroidian said...

oh, i do just want to add one other thing, its not because we no longer find the woman attractive. I personally still did when I was in that situation. Its not that I didnt find her attarctive anymore, or didnt desire her anymore or anything like that. For me personaly, because of the nature of my particular job, where I have to move as fast as I can nonstop all night long, I would be so drained of energy, that even I wanted to have sex, I wouldnt because I was too tired. I know she said that it made her feel unattractive, and Im sorry I made her feel that way, but was not what I felt, and it was not my intention. So, hopefully that can be understood as well. Sometimes I leave out key words in my sentences or I dont quite make everything sound as it should, so I just want to be clear about it all.

Dawn Rader said...

ok the thing is that i dont demand sex and i shouldnt have to, i dont want it several times a day but if it happens i will never complain. women are hunters too. mind you this is 2007 almost 08 if a woman cant fend for herself then she will never survive on her own! i may not be employed by the state but my job is much harder then most being a mom is the hardest job on earth! so our sex life happens when our daughter is sound asleep. and we do space it out, but we dont get out much so special occasions are rare. and hey i understand being TIRED. but id never use it as an excuse to get out of sex! honestly this article was not about Dave and I (our sex is hot! when it happens)its for all men and women who go thru bumps in their relationships and its just something ive noticed.

Mark said...

Sex? Not important? It's like air to breathe, as far as I'm concerned.

"so for all of you guys out there who think that sex isnt important..... maybe this will make you think twice!"

Given that the average guy thinks about sex pretty much eight bazillion times a day, I have to ask what kind of guys you're hanging out with???