Monday, January 31, 2011

Sex After Having Kids!

I know it has been forever since I've posted anything. but life has been a roller coaster for the past year! with two kids and my house falling apart there has barely been time to breathe! but things are looking up! so I've been thinking of something nice and juicy to write and I think I've got it! topic would be.... sex after having kids! :) most people say that their sex life goes out the window after having kids and I am here to say that its a lie! making time to have sex after you have kids can be tricky but like other things in life if you want something bad enough you'd do anything to get it! I've become very fond of waking my husband up at 3 or 4 am. (when the kids are asleep) and just taking it! I find it's pretty exciting! not only for him but for me too! :) a little cheap thrill in life keeps me sparked! :) so take the time and make things happen its not only good for you but it keeps you happy, close to your spouse, and sane!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Month

It's Earth Month so to honor the earth... and create less Forrest fires.... shave it off and make yourself and others smile!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


As a young parent I have learned so much... How something so small that hurt so bad and caused me lots of pain, could make me smile so much!
How hearing a three year old respond to you with "OK mommy jeezzzz...." can really make you laugh.
And watching your three year old daughter squeeze her way into her two month old little brothers clothes, can be a real test of one's skills. (thank god for sewing machines and imaginations!) I know your probably curious on what I'm talking about so I'll tell you the story....
Last night My daughter tried to squeeze into her little brothers monkey sleeper.... when she realized it was too small and she was too big... I had to use my imagination and make do.
So I noticed my long tan sweater sitting across the room.... pulled out my sewing scissors and my machine..... and now I have two little monkey's. However its been 24 hours and prying this thing off of her will be my next task.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random but Important!

Life is what you make it to be.
Make it important!
Because life is too short,
to fool around!
Work hard,
Play hard,
and laugh!
Make others laugh.
Don't be shy,
or the moment will pass you by.
Say what you mean,
And mean what you feel.
For they are your feelings,
and yes they are real!


( I read this somewhere and laughed my ass off so I figured I'd share a smile!)

The American Dental Association says that semen cuts tarter and plaque by 77%.
So go get that 77% suck a dick and save a smile!

(lol that's really funny! Now when I see someone with white white teeth its going to make me wonder!)

Too Quick To Judge

The guy in the sky,
has no disguise.
You pass him everyday,
He has no specific shape or size.
So don't be quick to judge,
And don't be lenient on,
Who you hug....
For you never know,
Which stranger will lead you,
To the place you were meant to go.
The wise ones always said,
You reap what you sow.
So remember this the next time,
You think something bad,
About someone you don't know!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Dare To Dream

For once in my life,
I can actually say ,
That I like who I am today.
I don't have to pretend or even care,
What people think,
They can think what they dare!
There is no facade,
Just me.
I don't care if I come off as odd.
I dare to be different,
I dare to dream.
No matter how big,
My dreams may seem.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back To The Sex Talk!

Most people exercise I SEXERCISE! Not only is it fun but it burns more calories then the normal exercise. I've noticed that when I exercise alone i get bored and stop, but when I sexercise I never get bored and never want to stop! :) I am a freak of nature, I know but I like what I like! I have the sex drive of a man. I might as well put it to good use!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It is truly amazing to me that people are shocked by some of the things that I say and do. I don't think before I speak. I just let it fly! I don't reserve my thoughts or feelings I don't feel I should have to hold anything back. I am very aware of who I am and what I stand for. I wish more people had a better understanding of themselves, and were secure enough to appreciate my openness for it's a huge part of me! love me or hate me I will not change!

Friday, March 13, 2009


So after giving birth to my daughter (2 years ago) I guess I was to busy to notice, or in denial or something. I don't know? But the boobage issue has really started to get to me. I was always a tiny little thing and now I have some killer curves! I hate shopping for bras so I put it off, and put it off... and then I realized it was becoming a problem when I had to wear 2 bras to keep the girls in! (one under wire and a sports bra on top of it) And trying to figure out your bra size is no walk in the park either! I had one hell of a time! By the time I gave up and decided I needed professional help I was ready to pull my hair out! So I called a local department store and the poor girl that I talked to was so sweet and very sympathetic, she had gone through the exact same thing so she understood how I was feeling. She asked me for my measurements, so I gave them to her... and then she did the math to figure out what size I was, the first thing to come out of my mouth when she told me was "holy shit! no way!" i had apparently jumped 2 cup sizes. (so we stayed on the phone for 15 minutes laughing about the boobage issues we both had)... And its no wonder i was wearing 2 bras! my advise to those who are having this issue is "if the girls are too big for the bra your in, don't be afraid to get help finding ones that fit. it just might be a surprise to you too."

Friday, February 27, 2009

Love Spell

You said you needed me,
You lied and cheated me.
You stole my heart,
And made me cry.
After you left,
Inside I died.
Empty and alone,
I tried to move on.
I didn't get far,
For I was all alone.
You put my heart through hell,
By casting your love spell.
Trapped in the dark,
Stranded and cold.
As time past by,
Your shit got old!


Something as beautiful as the ocean,
That's deep, wide, and blue.
Couldn't come close to my love for you!
You can't compare beauty to love.
It is like making a wish,
That you know won't come true

That Thing Called Love

It's so amazing,
I can't believe it's real.
The pain is gone.
It's that thing called love,
That I feel.
Can this be it or am I dreaming?
I can only wish he's not plotting or scheming.
To play with one's heart,
Is not very kind.
Playing mind games from the start,
And heartache you will find.

So be true to your love,
For it is a gift sent from above.
It is only when you lose it.
That you will find,
It's that thing called love
that will last us a lifetime.


Look into my eyes,
And tell me how you feel.
Don't be a fool,
Just keep it real.
If I like what you say,
It will keep me from walking
The other way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The day I met you

I remember the day I met you,
Even though I didn't have a clue.
You gave me a friendly smile,
And then we talked for awhile.
When I looked into your eyes,
I began to see,
That you are far more,
Then I thought you would be.
You gave me friendship, respect, and love.
You glowed like an angel,
Sent from above.
I was not looking for love,
But it is true.
Love was what I found,
The day I met you!

choking on love!

My heart is beating overtime,
can't seem to get you off my mind.
I've been thinking about you all day long,
in my heart I know that something is wrong.

I wish I didn't feel this way,
for I am cold,
Untouchable and unkind.
You made me this way,
and expected me to be fine.
I wasn't...
I lost all hope.
Almost dying I started to choke.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

missing you

It's a cold and rainy night, and I just don't feel right.
My heart hurts, like it's never hurt before.
All because you left, you just walked out my door.
I know you'll be back, but I can't wait to see you again!
So I'll pour my heart out on paper, through this bleeding pen!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Short Poem

When love is here,
and there is no sound,
I feel like a feather,
that lifted off of the ground.
As it flies away,
so does the disarray.
And out comes the sun,
to brighten up my day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Thong!

There should be a rule for women who wear thongs.
I understand wearing thongs with dresses, skirts, and even sometimes jeans. But with cotton, spandex and sweat pants the thong should be outlawed.
I say this because when you wear a thong with cotton, spandex, or sweats your pants go into your butt crack causing you to have the hungry butt syndrome! and when it looks like your butt is hungry the thong is no longer a good thing!
(when I say your butt looks hungry, I mean your butt is literally eating your pants!)
I see hungry butts everywhere I go and honestly it is an eye sore. It really hurts my eyes!!!!
I'm really conscious of what panties I wear with certain outfits.
I just think women should be more aware of their hungry butts!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stop and think

People use terms all of the time, that really make some stop dead in their tracks to think. Like the term....... "Tickled pink" Is it me or does that just sound wrong?

Who came up with terms such as these? And what were they truly thinking?

I know people use the term "Tickled pink" to express extreme happiness, but you'd be happy too if somebody tickled you pink! Right?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Heavy Heart!

My heart is heavy and filled with pain,
its no wonder I'm sick, I'm standing in the rain.
I'm all alone and I just want to go home.
But i can't move
I'm stuck.
I hear you say you love me but
I don't give a flying fuck!
You ruined me with your games and ever since then,
I haven't been the same.
It tears me apart just hearing your name.
You broke my heart and I'll never understand why,
It hurt so bad that all I could do was cry.
Just when I think I'm over you,
And I'm coming back to life,
You pop back up causing me suffering and strife.
I've suffered for too long,
And I strive to do my best,
But the day you left my heart was put to the test.

I feel like my world is crumbling
beneath my feet,
And there is no net to break my fall.
It takes a beautiful soul to survive,
And I just don't know if I am cut out for it.
I'm suffering.
I just don't know what to do
I'm falling apart.
I feel like a shattered dream,
that's never showed its face to another being.
I'm standing still, but I can barely breathe.
My heart is pounding...
I cant see my face...
I am just a blur.
I cant even think about love, it makes my head stir.
It shakes me up, leaving me dizzy and confused.
god damn you I hate being used!
You stole my heart, and crushed it in front of me,
Like I never mattered.
Leaving me in pieces torn and tattered.
I used to know about a thing called love.

But now I am just a torn soul, my body aches as my heart breaks.
I need to put myself back together, but I'm out of body glue.
I am cold inside, all because of you!
I'm like a bunch of ice cubes, piled not so neatly in a broken glass.
The way you loved and left me, showed that you never cared.
So now when I think of love I get scared.
Scared that if I let myself fall in love,
It will happen again....
If it does that would be my end!
It would crush me to the core,
Causing my heart to shatter for sure!
Just to clear things up the poem above is one that I found in my old diary, I wrote it to myself about my ex-boyfriend..... i feel pretty exposed sharing it but i thought i needed to be said.

Krissy my loverly wifey!

We are joined at the hips with a special kind of glue.
The kind that lasts forever, the way that best friends do.
The seal can never be broken, for the bond we have is true.
Together for many years, through all of the good times,
and all of our tears, you have always been there for me.
So many times you've helped me see.
You are my other half, as close as best friends can be.
I'll love you until the end, as long as the road may be.
Just remember, I'll always be there anytime you need me.
So here's to the future and whatever it may bring,
I just wanted to say.....
Thank you for everything!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Love is something you cherish forever.
It runs through your veins and into your soul.
It possesses every inch of your being without your knowledge.
Love gives you endless reasons to smile, laugh,
And live each day like its your last.
Love is your air supply it gives you life.

Friday, July 11, 2008

insecure people.....

I had a recent experience that made me think a thought,
that i feel i need to share! So here it is.........
If a man is so insecure about himself, that he is jealous of a woman (that woman being me) then he really must not be much of a man!

I do have big balls and I am really out there.
But I also know who I am I will never change myself to please someone else,
and i dont care if people dont like it. This is me!
Learn to love me or leave me alone! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

morning sex!

Morning sex is the best!
Its a wonderful way to start off a brand new day.
Talk about a spring in your step!
Waking up to the salute... :)
It gets your blood pumping!!!

Dearest Husband

With all of my heart, in every way.
Will I love you, until the end of my days.
You are my heart, my soul and my breath.
And with that I promise, to love you until my death.
You are so amazing, you have so much soul.
You make my every days, pure gold.
With every kiss and every touch, you just tease me so much.
I'll always want more of you, because i can never have enough.
I just cant help it, that I love you so much.
♥ always,
The wife

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


You are always searching for an answer,
And looking for a cure.
That's how I know your heart is pure.
A friendly smile,
A loving touch.
All part of why I love you so much.
Full of curiosity,
Wisdom and more.
It sends a shock through my body,
And exits my pores!
Sweating in excitement now,
I have to hear more
So much life and spirit,
Makes me feel younger each time I hear it.
Living the dream without any fear,
Doesn't seem so far away from here.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some Good Sex.....

It's been a little over four years since our girls quit the series. But they're back and lighting up the big screen. It was the event of the year! not to mention the number one movie in America. SEX IN THE CITY!

My husband, our friend sushi, and I went to see it on opening night. There were six theaters showing Sex and the city, and every single one was sold out, not just the time we went but all day and night. Everyone there was all done up. Hair, make-up, looking fine.

As we watched the movie we heard the whole theater gasping, laughing, crying.... You know the movie was good. It was better then good... I personally loved it. I love our girls! Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. their characters have touched many soft spots in my life. And have hit home on many occasions.
My husband finds it amazing that I never get tired of watching Sex and the city. I watch it faithfully everyday at two A.M.and no matter how many times I've seen it I'll never be bored. I've seen every episode at least 40 times. I'd watch the movie every day too... It's that good. so if you haven't seen it yet...... Dont wait... It's well worth it! I ♥ SEX AND THE CITY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

something i was wondering the other day!

So I was sitting outside and watching the birds eat bread, and there was this bird sitting on our fence..... he pooped, looked around, and flew off. Do birds get nurvous pooping in front of other birds? like women who meet a new guy and dont want to scare them off, they hold their poop in for so long it hurts? until they break the new guy in and he finds out that women do poop! i know that birds brains are smaller then a peanut but im just a curious mind!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Get High Off Of My Husbands Arm Pits!!!!

I don't know why exactly...
but I love the way my husbands arm pits smell!
Especially when he hasn't showered for a few days, and forgets to put on deodorant!
But there is something so erotic about my husbands sweaty arm pit smell!
I literally bury my face in his arm pits and take a huge whiff!
It may sound really gross to some!
But I don't care! It's my thing!
There is nothing in the world that is sexier then my husbands sweaty arm pit smell! it is an instant turn on!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Love You!

I love the way you smell, as your loving arms hold me tight.
Whenever I'm with you, everything just feels so right.

I love the way you smile when you look at me,
Because your eyes are so beautiful that they sparkle like the sea.

I love the way you kiss me, it sweeps me off of my feet.
Just seeing you makes my heart skip a beat.

I know I have been broken, and I know that I have changed.
But I'm not a little girl, and I don't play games.

So I'll tell you now, and tell you true.
That the moment I met you, was the moment that I

Fell In Love With You!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

creative sleeping!

lately I've been having dreams that make me want to be creative. i wake up and find myself running to write an idea down before i forget it. i never used to have dreams. and if i did i couldn't remember them. i guess its my minds way of pushing creative ideas under the radar! whatever works i guess! ill take it however i can get it even if it is in my sleep! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

George Bush Is The Root Of All Evil

Greed, Money, Power, And Oil. Causing Death, Destruction, Poverty, And Pain. Everything he says he says in vain!
Spending BILLIONS of heart earned dollars on a war in which most don't believe. Just thinking about it makes me want to dry heave!

Pushing his religion instead of finding a cure. All he will ever be known for is his act of war! Not out to win, just out to purge. Claiming that it is GOD that this man serves. I WILL NOT BUY IT! for in his religion it is a sin. This man really doesn't have a brain within!

Forcing our country's soldiers to die in his game. The ones who make it back come home insane! It's no wonder with the horrors that they've seen. Innocent men, women, and children keep haunting their dreams!

Instead of lying to his people, he should try telling the truth! But he is afraid to admit that is was all a spoof! So in the end he is the root of all evil you see. He WILL NEVER TAKE THE BEST OF ME!

Believe me when I say this... But I just want to teach. It's not UN AMERICAN its FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

A Poem For My Amazing Husband!!!

I believe in soul mates, and I believe you are mine.
I believe that if a kiss sweeps you off of your feet, then you should do it until you're satisfied.
I believe in love at first sight, for I fell in love with you the moment I saw your smile.
I believe that ones eyes are the key to ones soul, when I look into your eyes I see a heart of gold.
I believe that people meet for a reason, and our reason was love. now that I've found you I refuse to let you go!
for you are my heart stopper, my one true love. you are the greatest gift ever sent from up above.
and I LOVE YOU! ♥

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day For Lovers!

♥♥♥ As you all know valentines day is a day intended for l♥ve. be sure to make that someone special feel special. and spice things up! it is not about gifts or who spent more on what..... its about l♥ve! so cherish the one you l♥ve and make them feel like they are the only person that exists.. take some time and think about the person that you l♥ve, and what would make them feel l♥ved. be creative. but enjoy each other! life is short so live it up! go commando to the movies, do the dishes in the nude, have a candle lit dinner wearing only a neck tie, high heels and a thong... a full body massage.. my thoughts are endless. just l♥ve and be l♥ved! there is nothing more special in the world! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Word Of The Day Is Foreplay!

Foreplay is the cat and mouse dance of romance. Without foreplay its just sex. And I'm not complaining at all.. I ♥ SEX! But there is nothing more sensual then your lovers touch. After all it only takes a spark to light a fire! And its nice to mix things up a bit too.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

no more grannie panties!!!!

this one is for the ladies out there (you know who you are!) if you wear or own Grannie panties it is time for an upgrade... low rise bikini... sexy yet still comfortable! hi cut Grannie panties do nothing to make you feel or look sexy. so I'm doing you the favor of being honest. you should never hide behind your panties! its nice to switch it up too. go commando feel the breeze and live a little. like i have said before what we wear is a part of who we are and all Grannie panties are is a way to hide in the comfortable nook. don't rely on that nook. be comfortable with yourself! love yourself, and whats wrong with feeling sexy its very liberating!

love is like a rose bush

everything in life happens for a reason. including relationships. I've learned that to live a life without love is no life at all. real true love is everlasting and yes we have all had our problems but true love is unshakable. meaning you get past all of those blips on the radar. and your relationship grows. kind of like a rose bush you plant it let it grow, and when the flowers die you clip it, and it keeps growing back bigger, prettier and stronger. the longer you care for it the longer it's beauty lasts. we all have to clip our dead flowers in order to make room for new ones. its when we try to hold on to those dead flowers that our branches die.

Friday, January 11, 2008

random thought.....

one thing i hate more then anything else in the world is...... when people tell me how to raise my daughter! i understand most people who feel the need to throw their input out there have raised kids before, but its my turn now so please back off!!!! i have my own way of doing things that work for me. so id appreciate it if you'd give me room let me breathe and keep your thoughts to yourself! thanks a million.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

kitty vibrator.....

my cat (moosie pie) is not fixed and is in heat all of the time. she is a lap whore who needs attention 24 hours a day. I'm tired of her jumping on my lap and backing her butt up on my legs. kitty goo is no I propose the kitty vibrator a toy for her pleasure whenever she wants it. (since my male cat wont touch her) something small that vibrates on a motion sensored stand that she can do all by herself simply by backing up un IT instead of ME! i know it sounds weird but so what. the kitty vibrator is an awesome idea.

cookie detox for grandparents

it seems like when you decide to have kids and they start getting teeth, everybody and their mother tries to give your baby junk food! especially cookies. so I've come up with a brilliant idea that someone should start. they need to make a program for grandparents called cookie detox. they have detox programs for everything else like, booze, drugs...... so why not cookie detox. it only makes sense.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sex Is Important!!!!

I had an epiphany last night.... It was about men and women and our roles in sex. After talking to a handful of people (men and women) i've realized that our roles in sex have reversed. It used to be that men were the aggressors and wanted sex all of the time..... or so we were taught. But now women are the ones (the aggressors) who want sex. Not men (making men passive). Most men could live without sex and be just fine. But WHY? Is it because they are bored of it? or that they see it as a waste of time?
If men see sex as a waste of time, then women feel like their boyfriends, husbands, lovers ect... dont find them attractive, or dont love them.
when did good old fashioned bone rattling sex go out the window? and why?
if we as a society can indulge ourselves in food, porn, and all of the unnecessary useless things that we will never use, then why cant we indulge in physical pleasure? Its good for you. Its my belief that sex is a necessary way to maintain a healthy relationship. Its good for your soul, your spirit, and your health. Sex is trusting the one you love with your body.

so for all of you guys out there who think that sex isnt important..... maybe this will make you think twice!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

my random thoughts......

What we wear is a very big part of who we are. I say this because its true. Its how we decide our mood for the day. Its how we carry ourselves, and its how we present ourselves to the people we just meet. It plays a very important role in our everyday lives.