Tuesday, May 20, 2008

something i was wondering the other day!

So I was sitting outside and watching the birds eat bread, and there was this bird sitting on our fence..... he pooped, looked around, and flew off. Do birds get nurvous pooping in front of other birds? like women who meet a new guy and dont want to scare them off, they hold their poop in for so long it hurts? until they break the new guy in and he finds out that women do poop! i know that birds brains are smaller then a peanut but im just a curious mind!


Jess said...

Maybe they have manners unlike pigeons they poop mid air, when they land and when feeding. Dirty little birds I hate walking through a plaza and there are a ton of them. Where's my umbrella!

Jess said...

Hi Dawn you inspired me so much I included a link back to your post. Have a great day!

threio said...

I am a parrot lover, they poop any time and anywhere! Once they get to know you they poop on you too! Kinda a reminder of who is the dominate species. We can Fly your featherless idiot!