Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Thong!

There should be a rule for women who wear thongs.
I understand wearing thongs with dresses, skirts, and even sometimes jeans. But with cotton, spandex and sweat pants the thong should be outlawed.
I say this because when you wear a thong with cotton, spandex, or sweats your pants go into your butt crack causing you to have the hungry butt syndrome! and when it looks like your butt is hungry the thong is no longer a good thing!
(when I say your butt looks hungry, I mean your butt is literally eating your pants!)
I see hungry butts everywhere I go and honestly it is an eye sore. It really hurts my eyes!!!!
I'm really conscious of what panties I wear with certain outfits.
I just think women should be more aware of their hungry butts!


Sara said...

too funny. I see it way too often!

Mark Base said...

Someone should really feed those butts.
Honestly, it looks as though some of them are starving, poor dears.