Friday, March 13, 2009


So after giving birth to my daughter (2 years ago) I guess I was to busy to notice, or in denial or something. I don't know? But the boobage issue has really started to get to me. I was always a tiny little thing and now I have some killer curves! I hate shopping for bras so I put it off, and put it off... and then I realized it was becoming a problem when I had to wear 2 bras to keep the girls in! (one under wire and a sports bra on top of it) And trying to figure out your bra size is no walk in the park either! I had one hell of a time! By the time I gave up and decided I needed professional help I was ready to pull my hair out! So I called a local department store and the poor girl that I talked to was so sweet and very sympathetic, she had gone through the exact same thing so she understood how I was feeling. She asked me for my measurements, so I gave them to her... and then she did the math to figure out what size I was, the first thing to come out of my mouth when she told me was "holy shit! no way!" i had apparently jumped 2 cup sizes. (so we stayed on the phone for 15 minutes laughing about the boobage issues we both had)... And its no wonder i was wearing 2 bras! my advise to those who are having this issue is "if the girls are too big for the bra your in, don't be afraid to get help finding ones that fit. it just might be a surprise to you too."

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Anonymous said...

Can't totally say I get what you mean but in a way I get what you mean!

I haven't had kids but even just growing up I went from a 32AA to a 34D!!! I was gobsmacked! How did I manage to go from one to the other! Now I'm a 34E apparently and it took me two department stores to get a proper measurement as the first one the girls were too busy chatting to each other to help! I'm glad you found someone helpful - it's rather embarassing standing in your underwear in front a of a total stranger!